Vernier Dynamic System


Vernier Dynamics System is a low-friction black anodized track and optics bench combination designed for kinematics, dynamics, and optics experiments.

The rigid track can be used as an optical bench with the Optics Expansion kit.  A collection of stops, feet, and brackets to hold photogates and Motion Detectors is included.

The carts are used for kinematics, Newtons Laws, collisions etc with Motion Detectors, Accelerometers Force Sensors or the Wireless Dynamics Sensor System. The carts are very high quality and run smoothly. The standard cart comes with interchangeable velcro ends or magnets for inelastic or elestic collisions. The other cart has a spring loaded plunger. The standard track is 1.5m. A longer 2.2m track may be substituted. There is also a joiner for the smooth joining of tracks.