Laboratory Trolley 2 Shelf


Laboratory Trolley 2 Shelf

- Sized to carry large loads 250 kg, total load capacity (125kg) per shelf.               

-Super Large Two Shelves Service and Utility Cart  4" TPR Casters with brake systems

- Dimension:L110 H:52 W:95 (cm)

- Upright: 55.3 cm(4 pcs)

- Lip Height per tray 7.5mm Front   25.5mm Rear

- Wheel:4TPR(2 swivels with 2 brakes)

- Panel:L92 x W52 cm

- Packing:L99 x W55 x H20 cm

- Weight:NW15 kgs /GW 33.07kgs

- Durable and multi-uses cart function in house, factory and all working conditions

- Supplied in knock down form.

- Easy manoeuvrability & Easy assembly.

- Easy-to-clean shelves.

- Tray  Lip size front 7.5mm

- Tray Lip size back 12.5mm