Timer-Multifunction Digital


Timer-Multifunction Digital. This versatile Timer has a bright red digital display for classroom work. The sloping front panel makes viewing and using the instrument easier. This model is becoming one of the favourites in the IEC range. AC lamp or LED power is provided on rear panel for PhotoGates. A special constant current output is provided on the rear panel for the 'Free Fall' experiment to energise the solenoid that holds the steel balls. The instant the timing begins, automatically the ball is made to drop. This makes the 'Free Fall' experiment very easy and accurate.

 Timer is microprocessor controlled and is very fast. Autoranging permits times up to 99.9999S by 0.0001S and up to 999.999S by 0.001S. Selectable modes are: Start/Stop, PhotoGate, Period and Pendulum. Stores 20 memories that can be added, averaged, purged or cleared. see the PDF file for full details.