Centripetal Spinner


Exellent demonstration of centripetal force and inertia we've ever seen! This perky, iridescent device reflects a dazzling rainbow as it spins. Twirl the stick and the thin ribbons spread into a bubble shape. The faster you spin, the wider the bubble becomes! It can be gently twisted by hand to make a delicate "flower" that neatly tucks itself into a tight ball. Endlessly fascinating! 

Named by Evan Jones, retired Physics professor from Sierra College in Rocklin, CA.

"I have had fun with activities using the spinner. Such precise parts! Did you notice that the film bands reflect one color and transmit its complement? While the reflection is from blue to green (depending on angle of viewing) the transmission is red to yellow...nice lesson on interference. The spinner itself shows centripetal force and spinning it shows Newton's 2nd law and impulse." - Evan Jones