Laser Ray Box and Lenses


Use this complete Geometric Optics set from Arbor Scientific for impressive demonstrations. The kit uses a compact yet powerful Laser Ray Box, which has bright and well-defined rays perfect for classroom use. The Laser Ray Box projects 1, 3, or 5 parallel laser beams onto any flat surface ideal for optical ray viewing and analysis.

It includes a variable laser ray box, 6 different acrylic lenses, mirror, hollow semicircle refraction cup and activity mat with printed scales and angles. Everything needed to demonstrate the basic principles of geometrical optics comes packaged in a convenient, impact-resistant, foam-lined black carrying case keeps everything protected and organized ready to use.

The Laser Ray Box includes a power adapter. 120v 60hz.

This Laser Ray Box is designed for tabletop experiments and will lose accuracy when used at greater distances.