Glo Germ Classroom Kit


Glo Germ is a fantastic product which safely and graphically demonstrates to students and adults alike how germs are spread. Used throughout the United States in schools, hospitals and food services, Glo Germ consists of an odorless lotion or powder which glows brightly when exposed to ultraviolet light. Perfect for your health curriculum.                                                                                To demonstrate proper hand washing, simply have students rub Glo Germ lotion on their hands. This simulates the spread of thousands of tiny plastic fluorescent "germs" on their hands. Then, ask each students to wash their hands as they normally would. Finally, a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp may be used to spot the remaining "germs". Under the lamp, the plastic "germs" glow brightly so that they may be easily seen by your students.

To use the powder to show how germs are spread through contact, shake a small amount of the powder into the palm of your hand and shake hands with several other people. Use the ultraviolet lamp to demonstrate that you have transferred "germs" to them.

The Glo Germ Classroom Kit contains a battery operated ultraviolet light, an eight ounce bottle of lotion, and a four ounce bottle of powder. The ultraviolet light runs off of four AA batteries and is approximately 6.5" in length (colors may vary). This kit is excellent if you want mobility, since it does not require an electrical outlet.