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Gauze mats

We are aware that you may have been contacted by MBIE or MOE regarding possible asbestos contamination in ceramic centred gauze mats. Our supplier has cleared them of asbestos and is conducting further tests on their tremolite content. These results are due next week.

We will be in touch about any further actions or advice when the results come to hand. 

As always, keeping our environments safe is a prime concern.

We have had a lot of enquires regarding new products such as, Eddy Current Drag Kit (Physics), Anemometers, UV beads, LilyPad accessories (Technology)Resistor sets (for NCEA), LCD Screen Kit, Multi-ratio Gearboxes, Lasers, Vernier LabQuest 2 and other items.

We are currently working on a "Car Park Controller System" for electronics teachers and we now have the mini drill back in stock.

Please note that orders are compiled in the shopping cart and sent to us for dispatch. An invoice will accompany your order. Pricing may vary slightly if there are recent amendments and they are GST exclusive.

I offer my teaching experience to assist you with product choice and applications.

Les, Bill & the Electroflash team