ScienceWiz-Magnetism Teacher 6 Pack


This ScienceWiz™ teacher's pack includes enough equipment for 6 students aged 8+ to explore and develop a fundamental understanding of the key concepts of magnetism while building a foundation for analytical thinking. Comes in a specially designed box for easy storage with compartments for convenient access to materials. The kit includes high quality, colour coded, SAFE ceramic magnets.
For ages 8 and up.

Note: One 1.5V size D battery is required for each student and is NOT included with the pack.

Each Pack includes:

  • 6 full colour 40 page booklets
  • 18 colour coded ceramic ring magnets
  • 6 plain ceramic ring magnets
  • 6 ceramic big bar magnets
  • 6 N/S red ceramic bar magnets
  • 6 pouches of iron filings
  • 6 compasses (lead-free inside and out)
  • 6 assemblies to make electro magnets (includes large nails, magnet wire, battery bands and sand paper)
  • 6 bags of materials to test magnets
  • 6 ducks
  • 1 laminated teacher’s guide

Student Experiments:

  • Use magnets to detect iron and to determine which metals stick to magnets.
  • Explore magnetic attraction and repulsion including the levitation of colour coded ceramic ring magnets.
  • Use strong bar magnets to learn about action at a distance.
  • Visualize poles and lines of force with iron filings.
  • Explore how a compass reacts to magnets.
  • Craft a compass.
  • Detect the Earth’s magnetic poles.
  • Make a temporary magnet and test it’s strength.
  • Build and manipulate electromagnets.
  • Determine what can make magnets bigger and stronger.
  • Discover how an electric motor works.

Teacher's Packs are designed so that students have their own booklet and materials.
The pack consists largely of non-consumables and uses robust components designed for years of classroom use.
Extensions to the main projects are feasible as there are sufficient supplies for all.