ScienceWiz-Electricity Teacher 6 Pack


This ScienceWiz™ teacher's pack includes enough equipment for 6 students to explore and develop a fundamental understanding of the key concepts of electricity while building a foundation for analytical thinking.

Comes in a specially designed box for easy storage with compartments for convenient access to materials.

For ages 5-12.

Note: One 1.5V size D battery is required for each student and is NOT included with the pack.

Each electricity pack includes:
• 6 full colour 40 page booklets
• 6 motors
• 6 bulbs and holders
• 6 buzzers
• 6 LEDs
• 6 spinners
• 6 sets of 4 alligator leads (red, green, yellow and white)
• 12 battery bands
• 6 switch card assemblies
• 6 grab bags of parts
• 1 laminated teacher’s guide

Student Experiments:
• Build electrical circuits.
• Light lights.
• Connect one-way parts: buzzers and LEDs.
• Spin pinwheels and whiz bangs and connect electric motors.
• Test what conducts electricity.
• Learn about insulators.
• Learn about open and closed circuits, shunts and shorts.
• Make a simple switch to open and close a circuit loop and to send coded messages.
• Connect together one and two loop circuits to explore series and parallel circuits.

Teacher's Packs are designed so that students have their own booklet and materials.
The Electricity pack consists largely of non-consumables and uses robust components designed for years of classroom use.
Extensions to the primary projects are feasible as there are sufficient supplies for all.