ScienceWiz-Light Teacher 6 Pack


This ScienceWiz™ Teacher's Pack includes enough equipment for 6 students to explore and develop a fundamental understanding of the key concepts of light while building a foundation for analytical thinking. Comes in a specially designed box for easy storage with compartments for convenient access to materials.

For ages 5-12.

Note: One 1.5V size D battery is required for each student and is NOT included with the pack.

Each Pack includes:
6 full colour 40 page booklets
6 motors
6 sets of alligator leads (red and black)
6 light bulbs and holders
12 concave and convex lens forms
12 magnifiers
6 light wands to combine the primary colors of light (red, green, blue) into the secondary colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and white
6 prisms
6 rainbow diffraction glasses
12 battery bands
6 camera obscura sets of materials
6 sets of light sensitive paper
6 mylar mirrors
6 kaleidoscope sets of materials
6 spinner cards for combining colors
1 laminated teacher’s guide

Student Experiments:
•Explore light sources.
•Use diffraction glasses and prisms to split white light into a rainbow and discover the order of the colours.
•Learn that the primary colours of light are different from that of pigments.
•Explore how the primary colours of light combine using both light wands and spinning disks.
•Show that light travels in a straight line with flashlights.
•Bounce light and discover that the angle-in equals the angle-out.
•Manipulate reflected images with multiple mirrors and with kaleidoscopes.
•Absorb or subtract colours from light and mix the primary colours of pigments.
•Bend or refract light with water and with lenses.
•Make water or gelatin lenses and learn about concave and convex surfaces.
•Find and measure the focal point of a magnifying lens.
•Combine magnifiers to make a very basic microscope and telescope.
•Determine which items are transparent, opaque or translucent.
•Capture a shadow.
•Make a camera obscura to understand how cameras work.
•Discover how diffraction lines work with feathers, diffraction glasses and CDs.
•Learn about invisible electromagnetic waves and the speed of light.

Teacher's Packs are designed so that students have their own booklet and materials.
The pack consists largely of non-consumables and uses robust components designed for years of classroom use.
Extensions to the main projects are feasible as there are sufficient supplies for all.