Solar Bag


Product Description

Showing young scientists the incredible power of the sun can be a tricky task, but with the Solar Bag, you have a great (and gigantic) teaching tool. The Solar Bag, which stretches to either 50 or 25 feet when inflated, harnesses solar energy to expand and float into the air. It truly is a sight to behold as a giant, black “solar sausage” lifts off of the ground using nothing but sunshine! Don’t settle for imitation bags that are only 10 feet and, let’s be honest, just don’t work. This is a 25 to 50 foot Solar Bag!

Using a Solar Bag is easy. Start by tying off one end of the bag, then filling it with air by running with the open end. Now just tie off the other end and watch as the heat from the sun causes the air inside to expand. Within minutes, the enormous Solar Bag rises into the sky and floats like a giant tube of solar science. Just be careful! The material that Solar Bags are made of has to be thin to enable the sun-powered flight. If you do wind up with tears, packing or masking tape will fix it right up to be used again!

What’s Included?

  • 2 – 25′ (7.5 m) long Solar Bag
  • 400′ (122 m) of Solar Bag String
  • Activity guide with student worksheets

What Does It Teach?

The energy harnessed in the Solar Bag comes straight from the sun, but we can’t see it! Using the Solar Bag offers a multitude of scientific applications, beginning with how energy from the sun causes air to heat and expand, especially when amplified by the black surface of the Solar Bag. From there, teachers and students can engage in discussions of density, air pressure, buoyancy, convection, and more!