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Welcome to the 2022 school year.

While we await the threat of Omicron defining our reality in coming months we hope you can reflect on a glorious summer and reasonable freedom.

Vernier have made a kind offer to help distance learning. Vernier Video Analysis and Graphical Analysis are available for a FREE trial period from now through to June. Both products are extremely useful teaching and analysis tools in Physics and across Science subjects and are easy to build into distance learning activities.

We are also thrilled to be NZ agents for Turing Tumble. This fantastic product has hit the world by storm. Suitable for years 8 to adult this game and its activities challeng people to build solutions that grow understandings of programming. Immersed in the fun, they wont relaise they are coding!

Great for classrooms and as educative presents that will be appreciated! 


Nga mihi mahana

Les, Bill & the Electroflash team

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New Products!

- Lab Quest 3 logger
- Lab Quest 3 logger
The all-new LabQuest 3 is a standalone data-collection platform that students can use to collect, analyze, and interact with data efficiently. With its new capacitive touch screen, students can navigate the platform with ease, and because of its wireless capabilities, students can collect data anywhere with LabQuest 3.
  • Connects wirelessly to the entire family of Go Direct® sensors
  • Easy-to-use platform enables students to generate graphs and analyze results
  • An excellent choice for laboratories, classrooms, or in-the-field investigations

Key Features

  • Full-featured data-collection platform
  • Compatible with all Vernier sensors
  • Large, high-resolution color screen
  • Touch navigation utilizing gestures
  • Fast data collection with 100,000 samples per second
  • Rechargeable, high-capacity battery
  • Built-in GPS and microphone
  • Wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Built-in apps include Calculator, Periodic Table, Sound Recorder, Stopwatch, and more
  • Student instructions for over 75 of our most popular experiments included

Connectivity to Chromebooks, Computers, iPads tablets and Mobile Devices

Students can share real-time data with multiple devices for a truly hands-on, collaborative learning experience. Use LabQuest 3 to transfer data wirelessly to computers, Chromebooks, or mobile devices running Graphical Analysis.

USB Sensor interface

If you want to use your own computer or Chromebook™ to collect data, use LabQuest 3 as a conduit between our LabQuest sensors and these devices. LabQuest 3 works as a USB sensor interface with our Logger Pro® software or Graphical Analysis app.

$990.00 NZD

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