Waihi College

Solomon FereiraArthur Johnston takes delivery of a Roland MDX-40 the installation of the machine by Solomon Ferreira of Roland DG is being watched by the eager eyes of Art and one of his students. Art has had experience using such CNC machinesin technology programmes in the UK and is excited about the possibilities this technology brings to his classroom.

During the installation, inquisitive students asked lots of questionsand generated many ideas for projects. They were thrilled to have the opportunity to build the CAD and CNC machinery skill sets in demand by industry.

His classes use TechSoft 2-Design software to design products and then have them machined by the MDX-40. Examples of student work show precision cutting of irregular shapes, inlaid coloured plastic and PCB cutting.

Here is an outcome of his popular technology programme.The co-ordination game was designed and built by one of Art's students.All parts were designed and fabricated by his enthusiastic young technologists. The levers at the right hand end tilt the table to control the movement of a ball bearing.