Graphical Analysis


With Graphical Analysis Pro, students can visualize scientific data collected from any Vernier sensor boosting their understanding and engagement using rich, real–time graphs. This-easy-to-use-app works on operating systems commonly found in the classroom

Graphical Analysis Pro also includes crucial features that promote three-dimensional learning, critical thinking, student collaboration, asynchronous instruction, and deeper analysis of experiment phenomena.

Review the comparison table to see what Graphical Analysis Pro can add to your classroom.

Graphical Analysis; This is a FREE App available from the Vernier website of the App Store. It is very useful in controlling Go-Direct sensors and displaying data.

Graphical Analysis pro; This software is extremely useful as for GA above plus it allows video of events to be imported, and has extensive data analysis capability.

In recognition of the difficult times teachers are facing, Vernier is keen to help by extending the free trial period for Graphical Analysis Pro from 30 days to the end of June 2022.