Picaxe Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius


By Ron Hackett. The Evil Genius book contains 18 major projects, from Hello, World! to Hail, Octavius! All the projects in Part I can be implemented using either an M-class PICAXE processor, or one of the newer (and more powerful) M2-class processors. The first processor in the new M2 line (the PICAXE-18M2) has already been released by Revolution Education Ltd. However, the Evil Genius book includes a considerable amount of information on all of the yet-to-be released processors as well, so you'll be ready for them when they arrive!

Part II of the Evil Genius book focuses on the development of several intelligent stand-alone peripherals for use in various 20X2-based master processor projects, and Part III culminates in the creation of Octavius, a sophisticated robotics experimentation platform featuring a 40X2 master processor and eight breadboard stations which allow you to develop intelligent peripherals to augment Octavius' functioning.