LoggerPro (Vernier) Software


This easy to use software controls the LabQuest or LabPro dataloggers and receives and analyses the data it collects. LoggerPro enables real-time graphing, powerful analysis capability, and can display data tables, graphs and video simultaneously. A fantastic learning tool. The data analysis facilities easliy cope with all of the required year 12 and 13 physics graphical analysis techniques. Teachers are impressed with the ease of use and time saving. Synchronized Video Capture. Use Logger Pro with a web camera, Proscope, or digital camera with movie capability to add a video synchronized with your data, or use the video to track the position of an object, frame by frame, for graphing and further analysis. Over 1000 Experiment Files are included to set up the logging for the experiment files in the Vernier Lab books. The Logger Pro site licence?generously allows a school or college department to install Logger Pro on every school computers AND the students' home computers!!! Windows 98 ME, 2000 or XP and Mac OSx (10.2 and newer. Intuitive and easy to use