Vernier Dynamic System


The Dynamics Cart and Track System is the core of every physics lab. Easily add our Motion DetectorDual-Range Force SensorWireless Dynamics Sensor SystemPhotogate, and Accelerometer to study Newton’s second law, acceleration on an inclined plane, momentum, and much more. Optimize your track with the addition of our Vernier Optics Expansion KitColor Mixer Kit, and Diffraction Apparatus.

This traditional cart and track system features an 1.2m aluminum track (enquire about long 2.2 m option), two low-friction, plastic carts, an ultra pulley, and all of the necessary attachment accessories. You may also purchase an upgrade kit to add an optical Motion Encoder Cart to your existing Dynamics Cart and Track System. See Motion Encoder Upgrade Kits »

We have redesigned our carts to provide added durability, versatility, and instructional value.

  • Four mass trays make it easy to vary the total cart mass.
  • Super-elastic trigger button allows for new types of collisions.
  • An anti-roll peg ensures that the cart rolls on the track but not off the table.
  • Top tray allows for easy attachment of sensors and masses.
  • Two cart colors (teal and grey) make it easier to discuss collisions.