Real Time Physics (Mechanics 1)


By David Sokoloff, Priscilla laws, Ronald Thornton

This book is part of the “Activity Based Laboratories” series and “Interactive Demonstrations”. The guided activities are based on research into effective learning in Physics and the use of microcomputer based laboratory (MBL) tools. These tools allow for the real time collection, display and analysis of data and encompass dataloggers and sensors that are now becoming common place in Physics for both conceptual and quantitative activities. The work in the book provides excellent support for users of Vernier dataloggers and sensors.

The laboratories are designed to help students understand physics concepts, the relationships between quantities, and provide experiences, enhance their lab skills, and reinforce concepts covered in lessons.

Concepts covered in this book: Motion (one and two dimensions), Force, Newtons Laws, Gravity, Momentum and its Conservation, Projectiles, Work and Energy.

Priscilla and David will be familiar to many Physicists through their presentations at NZIP conferences.