EV-Arduino Kit

EVolocity Arduino Kitset


This kitset includes all the parts needed for the EVolocity workshops that focus on creating systems that "Gather and Display Performance Metrics".

This work is a great way to build skills in programming and assembly of electronic systems with guidance. You will be impressed by what you can achieve. The accompanying booklet steps through fundamentals of setting up hardware and the programming of each part of the system.

At the workshops Auckland University will make available a board they have created to act as a hub to connect sensors to the onboard Arduino.

The system is Arduino based and the kit includes items listed below along with a booklet that may be downloaded from the Evolocity website or the following link


1 x Arduino Nano

1 x USB cable

1 x breadboard

1 x Red, LED

1 X Green LED

1 x set of resistors (2200, 4700, 1k, 10k 100k, 1M)

10 x wire jumpers male-female

10x wire jumpers male-male

1 x LCD screen (16x2)

1 x Male header for screen

1 x temperature sensor DS18B20

1 x Photo interrupter (for tachometer)

Booklet to be downloaded

PCB with Current sensor on board available at EVolocity workshops